Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter! Hack &# Details

Name Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter! Hack &#
App Version 1.0
Developer Milksteak and the Jellybeans
App Size 47M
Last Updated November 26, 2013
Get it on Google Play
Requirements 2.0 and up

Get the Latest Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter! Hack & Cheats Online on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by Milksteak and the Jellybeans. The App comes with the latest version of 1.0 and size of 47M. Moreover, you just require Android 2.0 and up to run the App. We have updated it on November 26, 2013. Grab it now!

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Horrify humanity! Abduct cars! Laugh maniacally! Attack of the Ghastly Grey Matter is a fast-paced, side-scrolling endless runner game for Android devices. Play as the Ghastly Grey Matter, a melodramatic B-Movie villain intent on invading Earth. Take control of Ghastly’s powerful alien hand to abduct crowds of puny humans, and smash your way through several visually stunning environments!

We are Milksteak and the Jellybeans, a group of 5 students from the University of Abertay, Dundee. We created Attack of the Ghastly Grey Matter over the duration of 8 weeks, after being selected for Dare to be Digital 2013. We showcased the game at Protoplay 2013 where over 13,000 people attended. Our game received very positive feedback from the Dare judges, being described as “hugely addictive,” “great fun,” “wonderful,” “very polished,” having “charm and personality,” and “good replay value.”

How to Play:


• When entering the game, tap the screen anywhere but the options dialog to start the game.
• Tap the screen on the options dialog to go to the achievements or leader board screens, and to turn the audio on/off.
• To leave the leader board / achievement screens, press the “next” buttons in the top right hand corner.


• To start the game, drag down from claw and abduct the cow directly beneath you.
• Dragging the green claw down upon puny organics feeds the player health.
• When prompted, tap the screen anywhere to change to fist mode. The user can now tap anywhere on screen at any time to change between green grab mode and blue fist mode.
• Drag the fist down upon puny humans to squish them or make vehicles explode. All carnage gains points!
• This is an endless runner, the player will die eventually, but the aim is to get onto the leader boards with the most points possible!
• Some characters when exhumed drop shield orbs, interacting with these orbs will give the player a shield for 5 seconds!
• The blue “bonus bar” is filled up by gaining points, when it is full the player can press the glowing bonus icon for maximum carnage!

Fun things:

• Try grabbing small vehicles and throwing them at humans!
• The trophy icon that appears in the right hand corner is your “gained achievements” icon. Pause the game at any time to see achievements you’ve gained from the achievements screen.
• Explosions can cause chain reactions!



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