Counter Cell Details

Name Counter Cell
App Version 1.007
Developer Old Town Entertainment
App Size 48M
Last Updated November 18, 2017
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Requirements 4.1 and up

Get the Latest Counter Cell 2 ( Hack Online [Android & iOS] on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by Old Town Entertainment. The App comes with the latest version of 1.007 and size of 48M. Moreover, you just require Android 4.1 and up to run the App. We have updated it on November 18, 2017. Grab it now!

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New io game also with brutal gameplay and many collectible weapon skins.

Are you a good shooter ? Are you a good team mate ? Are you the man of guns ?

Are you looking for a new, funny and brutal game ?

Do you want to make your enemies cry out loud ?

One of the best shooter games is the game you are looking for !

How to Play
1.Control your cell with joysticks and try to shoot enemy cells.
2.Buy new weapons,guns(pistol, rifle, heavy, SMG),armor and bombs(grenade,flash,smoke) every round.
3.Plant or Defuse bombs or defeat all enemies to win round.
4.If you win the game, you will be rewarded with tons of skins !

1. Lots of weapons/cell skins that you can collect and customize.
2. Online Offline game for all maps.
3. Optimized for no lag ,there is not any delay or bug.
4. Log-in system, we save your account, you can get online in any device you want and go for combat !
5. Open cases or boxes with keys to drop epic skins and guns.
6. Trade with real players in-game currency, buy new items with trades.
7. Daily/Hourly rewards, you can gain new stuff with only log-in game every day.
8. Random skin drops every end of a game that you can trade or wear on your avatar cell.
9. Real io features like eating and shooting.
10. Lots of Achievements to Gain !
11. Check your statistics and player data and learn more about your shooting skills.

To Victory in Game
In details, you need to be sharp and ready to master the game. If you want to be a winner, read the list ;
1. Run away from bullets which is the best way for survive, wait your enemy to spend his powder to shoot air, then, strike with strategy !
2. If you are in Counter team, you need to defuse bomb, if you are in Terrorist team, you need to plant bomb. Even you die, your team wins
if you do the quest of given map.
3. Try new rifles ! There are many pistols and machine guns that you can select variously. Try to figure out which suits you best for win.
4. Trainings with offline play. Train yourself and kill all bots ! You can always play with bots without wi-fi or 3/4g connection.
5. Trade off unused items with others to buy new and fancy ones !
6. Go brutal. No io player is trustable, do not mercy your enemies because they will not mercy you.

To Collect Skins
Are you much more like a trader ? Okay, here is the list you need to do;
1.Do not forget to collect daily/hourly rewards, it is the fastest way to be rich.
2.Play lots of online game that you have to win for epics.
3.Go online on Market Page, there are lots of users that deal like you, find the best deal and sell it !
4.Like you sell, do not forget to buy items ! Encourage others to use market.
5.Save your money for best skins, also checkout premium store that can be usable on sale seasons !
6.Do not forget to join events or specials. For this, you have to let the game send your phone notifications.

Our Aim
We as Oldtownies, want you to enjoy your game ! For this;
1)We do not push any type of advertisement to you.
2)Everything is random ! You can be sure that all drops in game are random. You can drop epics or normals, it is up to your chance !
3)We sell only cosmetics, that you can also earn in game with playing. No boosters ! Every player is equal, win with your brain !
4)You can always send us an e-mail for any suggestion/bug report. Also, you can use bug-reporting system in our main menu !
5)We keep your account information safe. If you lose any item or something bad happens to your account, we can always save it for you. Please
reach us if something goes wrong.
6)All we care is your happiness while you play our game. Please go relax and have fun with that.

What's new

New on this version
-Taking back an item you put on the store.
-Quit match button active during the game.
-Smaller time when you open boxes.
-Bullet glitch problem solved
-IAP problem solved.
-Missed bullet statistics problem solved.
-You can't put on the market if you have two same items and selected problem solved



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