Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game Game Hack &# Details

Name Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game Game Hack &#
App Version 1.0.10
Developer Canadian Rig
App Size 96M
Last Updated June 29, 2018
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Requirements 4.1 and up

Get the Latest Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game Game Hack & Cheats on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by Canadian Rig. The App comes with the latest version of 1.0.10 and size of 96M. Moreover, you just require Android 4.1 and up to run the App. We have updated it on June 29, 2018. Grab it now!

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Canadian Rig welcome you to amazing dinosaur story based game named Dinosaur Island Jurassic Zoo : Dino Hunt which took you to the thick and lush green Jurassic forest bordered by a lengthy range of snowy mountains for a action packed Dino hunting expedition. 

You will found yourself in the world full of wilderness and angry Dinos having with huge skulls structures, large bone crushing teeth, with mighty jaws and legs having excessive energy to crush the opponent. In this hunting game, you will face different dinosaurs which are have both factors i.e. herbivores and carnivores. 

You will meet the threatening and deadliest grand dinosaurs having wild teeth over claws like Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Diplodocus, and armed dinosaurs i.e. Stegosaurus etc. It is a complete entertainment game having high quality graphics.
Dinosaur simulation begins from the Jurassic home base. In this Dinos shooting world and expedition in the tropical amazon forest. 

You will be lone ranger or soldier on an Island that has massive number of Jurassic Dinosaurs.

Your Mission will be to reestablish control on the Island by taking out all of the unwanted guests. Striving hard in the face of adversity to gain much and experience by defeating enemies and winning battles against these prehistoric beasts. There will be no prisoners just the deadly dinosaur war. Improve your shooting and hunting skills as you have to go through the 13 challenging missions. As the shooter, your achievement will be to somehow survive these battles and proceed further. Attack and destroy the enemies earlier than they trace you. This game is a great combination of the best features of 3D in Open World style play with battles to complete.

Blow by blow:-

Level-1: In the starting level your mission will be to proceed toward Jurrasic park as the raptors have already escaped from cage.

Level-2: this level will present the post raptors attacks rescue mission of the visitors from the park.

Level-3: in this level target will be to rescue a kid lost in the jungle.

Level-4: this level is basicaaly next compaign of the previous leve as your job will be to take the kid to a safe location.

Level-5: this level will contain the provision of safe passage for evacuation from the jungle with the help of Machine gun mounted on the jeep.

Level-6: herbivours are human friendy so technically they became a pery for the cornivours dinos, so alongwith the visitors the safe evacuation of herbivours should be done in this level.

Level-7: killing the person involved in the illegal tarafacking of Dino's DNA will be the target.

Level-8: Desctruction of Dino's eggs to stop onward breeding.

Level-9: Gaining the jurassic zoo key to re-activate the security system of the zoo.

Level-10: in this final level your primary task will be to eliminate the massive threat Dinos from the area, for the completion of the game.

It is particularly developed for those players which loves to play dinosaur story based game. To experience the real life of Jurassic zoo realistic environment with 3D Graphics is displayed. Just go through the challenging levels and increase your skills with every passing level. Every level will portray the different story. Every mission will be story based. I order to stay away from watching guard’s eye you should try to be a best shooter.

Shooting game having free style fighting, also include slow motion fighting game mode as well. Developers have made certain reliable control to make it a user friendly game. Best graphic factor is utilized to make it attractive for audience and players, as graphics is first step toward launching a game that attract the audience or user instantly. Another factor which makes this game prominent is the 13 different mission based levels.

What's new

Minor Bug Fixed.
Game lack Fixed.
Car Control Touch Input Fixed.
Player Control Is Enhanced.
Car Speedometer Bug Solved.
13 Level Bug Is Solved.
Car Bug Solved.
Player Controller speed decrease.
Level 2 Bug Solved.
Level 6 Bug Solved.


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