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Name Mona&#
App Version 1.0.1
Developer TJ-001951
App Size 49M
Last Updated June 15, 2019
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Requirements 4.1 and up

Get the Latest Mona’s Adventure V Hack Cheats (iOS & Android) on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by TJ-001951. The App comes with the latest version of 1.0.1 and size of 49M. Moreover, you just require Android 4.1 and up to run the App. We have updated it on June 15, 2019. Grab it now!

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The fifth volume of "Mona's Adventure" appears in Android!
Let's take "The Five ASCII Art" and get back the robbed planes!

When the AA village also fell asleep, the plane was flying in the night sky.
But suddenly the bullet hit the plane and crashed.
The next morning, Mona discovered that the pilot "Nida" last night was collapsed.
According to the story of Nida, it seems that someone is robbed of the airplane and can not continue traveling in the air.
Mona and his colleagues will find an airplane thief and decide to adventure to deprive the airplane.
But on the way, the people manipulated by the culprit are wandering around.
Can five recover the plane safely?

It is an action game to capture numerous stages by manipulating "Mona" "Giko" "Moraler" "Ci" "Fusagiko".
The basic specification is the same as "III", but the difficulty level is a little low.

[How to control]
Left or right of Direction keys : Run
Down of Direction keys : Crouch
Up or Down of Direction keys : Up and down the ladder
Jump key : Jump
Attack key : Normal attack
Special key : Special attack
I-Box key : Open item box
Pause key : Pause

[Player characters]
He is an average and easy-to-use character with both jumping power and running speed.
His attacks are light bullets. it can attack remote enemies.
He is the best in jumping power, but running is a bit inferior to Mona.
His attacks are yo-yo. Combined with the direction keys, it can be divided into seven directions excluding directly below.
He has the lowest jumping ability, but he is the fastest running.
His attack is a sword. it can attack with a small gap.
She can jump a couple of times, but running is the slowest.
Her attack is a grenade. It deals great damage with one shot.
Both jumping power and running speed overcome Mona, but the damage it receives is great.
His attacks rotate at high speed. You can attack in all directions.

[P Drink]
If you use this you will restore your physical strength to 3 scales.
You can stock up to nine.
[S Drink]
If you use this you will recover all your strength.
You can stock up to two.
Take this and the remaining machine will increase.
Often it can not be taken unless it is a specific character.
[1 Warall Coin & 10 Waralls Coin]
Collect this and you can purchase items at the shop.
[Fall Guard]
If you hold this, you will return with a big jump even if you fall into a hole.
You can stock up to five.
[Life Up]
When you buy this, the maximum value of your physical strength will get excited. (Maximum 16 divisions)
[Attack Up]
When you buy this, the power of regular attack will rise. (Maximum 5 levels)
[Weapon Parts for Ray]
Buy this and you will be able to charge light bullets.
[Weapon Parts for Yo-yo]
When you buy this, yo-yo will be fired in three directions.
[Weapon Parts for Sword]
When you buy this shock wave will be shot from the sword.
[Weapon Parts for Grenade]
If you buy this you will be able to throw up to two grenades at once.
[Weapon Parts for Spin Kick]
The attack range of high speed rotation expands.
[Exit Parts]
With this you can escape from the stage that has been cleared.
[Character Changer]
With this you can change the character in the stage.
[Power Saver]
If you buy this you will reduce the consumption of specality power by half.

[Important points]
Depending on the terminal, the screen may become stuck with the screen darkened.
It seems that it takes time to read due to insufficient memory, so please wait until the screen brightens.

BGM and sound effects were used by Ms. Komori Hei's how to use, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.

What's new

19/06/19 Ver1.0.1
I fixed the bug that slips through the wall with forceps.



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