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Name Pawney&#
App Version 'User'
Developer Curious Origins
App Size 5.0M
Last Updated June 23, 2016
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Requirements 2.2 and up

Get the Latest Pawney’s Wrath Hack & Cheats Online on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by Curious Origins. The App comes with the latest version of 'User' and size of 5.0M. Moreover, you just require Android 2.2 and up to run the App. We have updated it on June 23, 2016. Grab it now!

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Pawney's Wrath allows more players to compete on a single device in real time than any other app. Attack adorable goats and your fellow humans (or both!). Then shamelessly loot their dead bodies and find weapons around the randomly generated maps.

This game includes many accessibility options:
– Adjustable Player Speed
– One button input
– Player Highlights
– Level Highlights
– And more…

This game also includes many preset game modes:
– Death Match: Fight against people or an unending amount of goats.
– Piñata: Collect the coins that fall out of goats each time one is killed.
– Make It Rain!: Grab the coins as fast as you can.
– Flood: The game doesn't end until each wave of goats has been eliminated.
– Grinder: A timed game with minor bot damage, try not to die.
– Grinder Extreme: Similar to above, but with maximum damage. You will die, a lot.
– Capture: Stand next to “nodes” around the level to capture them for your side. (2 or more players)
– Stash: Pick up weapons you don't need and stash them at your base, but be careful, your enemies will try to steal your loot for themselves. (2 or more players)
– Chaos: Free for all with rules from all the other scenarios, get coins, kill enemies, capture nodes, try not to get hurt. (2 or more players)
– Team Death Match: Teams of friends try to kill each other. (3 or more players)
– Odd Man Out: All players hunt one other, if you kill that one player everyone hunts you. (3 or more players)

Or you can always go through the menus and tweak out your own perfect custom game mode.

Currently, a touch screen is required. The number of simultaneous touches your device can detect influences how many players can play at one time. If you are unsure how many touches your device can detect go to Menu>Options>Debug>Touch Test (this can also be done in the free Trial Version if you want to check before purchasing).

Note: if you experience slow down with multilayered levels, go to Menu>Options>Start Up>Level>Shade Layer and uncheck it. Some devices aren't fast enough to do shading in real time (this will make characters and items the same color regardless of which layer they are in instead of being darker the further back they get).

What's new

More themes: Collect coins, Defend bases, Steal loot, etc.
UI changes: More control styles, More Animations, Natural menu controls, Auto equip items, Preset game modes, etc.



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