Pocket Duel Game Hack Android and iOS Details

Name Pocket Duel Game Hack Android and iOS
App Version 1.5
Developer Fundy Android
App Size 1.8M
Last Updated April 4, 2016
Get it on Google Play
Requirements 1.6 and up

Get the Latest Pocket Duel Game Hack Android and iOS on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by Fundy Android. The App comes with the latest version of 1.5 and size of 1.8M. Moreover, you just require Android 1.6 and up to run the App. We have updated it on April 4, 2016. Grab it now!

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This app is designed for two to five players.

You must enable Location to the High Accuracy setting (Settings>Location>On>Mode>High Accuracy). This uses the GPS satellites and is necessary for an accurate reading of the phone alignment.

The High Accuracy setting works only outdoors and requiress a clear view of the sky. It also takes a minute or two to obtain the satellite positions. After you are finished using the app, you may wish to turn off the High Accuracy setting because it uses up the battery charge.

When the app is opened the firt visible page is Set Duel Info. Here you enter your phone number, email, and a short one-word name. Also you select a number between 1 and 5 which must be different than the other players.

You only need to enter this information the first time you use the app. After that, the data is remembered by your phone and when you open the app, these text boxes are automatically filled.

You could check your data is saved by tapping the buttons Tap Here To Save Changes and then Review Settings. You don't really need to do that because the yellow button at the bottom Go To Duel Page automatically saves the data before it takes you to the main Map Page.

nIf you have done the setup correctly, you should see a map centered at your current loctian with a red circle in the middle. The number you chose should appear in the upper left corner of the map in yellow text.
In the top row, there is an icon with crossed pistols. This is how you fire the shots. The direction and distance is determined by how you align your phone. The maximum range of about 400 yards occurs when the phone is tilted 45 degrees up from the horizontal.
The position where your shot lands is marked with a small green circle.

On the next line down, there are four buttons. The first, looks like a thumbtack and is marked Test Only. You can use this for practice by placing a simulated opponent on the map. The only thing to remember is that the number (1 to 5) must be different than the number you choose for yourself. So you have to go into the Set Duel Info page twice and change the number to the one you want for yourself on the second time.

The first time, another number will be written in the upper left corner. Next slide the map so the center is where you want to place the test opponent, then tap Test Only. The opponent location should then appear in yellow. Then use the Back button and go to the Set Duel Info page and reset the number to the one you want to use for yourself, and return to the

Note that you cannot score a hit on your own icon so the Test Only opponent must be tagged with a different number. Note that these test markers disappear after three minutes if you refresh the app.

Now you can practice directing shots at that simulated opponent location. You must wait 10 seconds between successive shots.

After you become familiar with directing shots using your phone, you are ready to begin the game. It will require between two and 5 players. Each of the participants will enter their identifying info and select a unique number.

To start, press the green Go button on the Map Page. Now your position will be updated every 30 seconds on the maps visible to yourself and your opponents. Start taking shots at your opponents, with a 10-second delay in between.

You had best keep moving around because if you stay in the same location for too long, your opponents will soon hone in on you.

If your shot is close enough to an opponent to be deemed a hit, an email will be sent to your opponent and their phone number will appear on your screen ready to call them.

Based on the rules you decide, the game could end at the first hit if there are only two participants.

To end your participation in the game, tap the Stop icon. Do not forget or it will continue to send out location updates at frequent intervals until you do so and waste your data.


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