Ship vs Space Game Hack Android and iOS Details

Name Ship vs Space Game Hack Android and iOS
App Version 1.6
Developer Jonathan Holmstrom
App Size 912k
Last Updated May 23, 2017
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Requirements 4.0.3 and up

Get the Latest Ship vs Space Game Hack Android and iOS on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by Jonathan Holmstrom. The App comes with the latest version of 1.6 and size of 912k. Moreover, you just require Android 4.0.3 and up to run the App. We have updated it on May 23, 2017. Grab it now!

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In this modern take on old-school space-shooters you get all the explosive nostalgic fun of blasting 2D aliens, spiced up with player abilities such as Hyperspeed, Absorb shielding and Time manipulation.

Use all the tools at your disposal to fight ever-changing enemy mechanics as every level introduces you to something new. Be it turrets that restrict your movement, explosive spider-webs that require precise positioning, enemies that break apart and assemble again, enemies that can be used against their allies, objects that affect gravity or any of the many other challenges you will encounter.

Fight your way through space, successfully break through the enemy blockade and you will face each level's unique boss. These are no simple walls of health, they will challenge you to think and adapt as they find new ways to use everything you've seen so far to kill you.

Built around replayability, this game offers 3 difficulties on each map, each with its own high score and related medal. Achieve the highest score by getting to the boss as fast as possible, freezing time to stop the clock and using your speed boosts effectively, but also make sure you destroy as much as possible on the way there. Work your way up to the Hard earned Gold medal or go on to challenge others and try to achieve an unbeatable score.

But most importantly, be prepared to die, a lot.


– The game is completely FREE, and there is NO advertising!

– Airplane-like control! No going backwards, strafing left and right or changing directions in the blink of an eye. Your ship flies forward, turns around to aim and dodge and you only see what's in front of you.

– Cooldown-based abilities! No more picking up floating guns in space that make your ship shoot more.

– Tactical abilities! There are no abilities that simply do more damage, fires more shots or blows up everything. Every ability has multiple tactical uses and thoroughly changes how the game is played.

– Varied enemies! Only 1 enemy-type simply moves and shoots. Everything else does something more on top of it or something completely different.

– No health walls! Bosses do more then take and return fire. They will introduce you to new challenges such as racing, area-stealth, obstacle-courses and specific shot timing.

– Climb in difficulty! Everything becomes faster and deadlier, including yourself. Discover the importance of evasive maneuvers both to survive and to mess with the enemy aim and positioning.

Developer notes:

– There are no sounds or music in this game. Since it is a mobile phone game I have assumed that most people are either playing with the sound off or with their own music so I have not put any effort in making a soundtrack. If enough people want it, I will try to add it.

– The game currently only contains 2 maps and a tutorial. If the game becomes popular I will try to create more. I may charge a small sum of money for new maps so i can spend more time on development without going broke.

– In the future, I plan to add a "hangar" where you may switch out abilities based on category. You would then always have 1 shield ability, 1 engine ability and 1 weapon ability, each of these categories would then have 3 or more choices which you would unlock through money earned in completing missions. Some examples:

Shield: Convert – Low-cooldown shot that converts the enemy it hits into a "healer" for a short duration. Getting shot by or colliding with this enemy will restore your shield strength.

Engine: Teleport – Low-cooldown ability that immediately moves the ship to the location you touch on the screen.

Weapon: Singularity – Medium-cooldown ability that fires a slow-moving singularity that does not do damage but draws all enemies into it. This makes them easy targets, lets them destroy each other and/or gets them out of your way so you can fly past.

What's new

Increased spacing between Fire and Powershot buttons to reduce chances of accidentally wasting Powershot.


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