UNREST : Details

App Version 1.8.6
Developer PRIMARY
App Size 67M
Last Updated October 30, 2020
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Requirements 6.0 and up

Get the Latest UNREST : 3D Escape Horror Hack Game Android & iOS on our website now. This gorgeous Action based app is developed by PRIMARY. The App comes with the latest version of 1.8.6 and size of 67M. Moreover, you just require Android 6.0 and up to run the App. We have updated it on October 30, 2020. Grab it now!

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It is a game that escapes while clearing conditions such as collecting money, rescuing people, setting up bombs, etc. in the palace where monsters wander.
Although it is a horror as a genre, since there is no grotesque expression at all, everyone can play.
It is safe because there is no billing system.

【About contents of game】
The palace is dark, player is limited in visibility they must achieve their purpose and escape.
Four layers above ground, two layers underground, six layers in total.

The monsters are wandering around, but as soon as the player approaches a certain distance it will find and chase.
If you escape from the enemy's field of vision or hide in the room, they will return to wandering again, but If you were found, you need attention as they may break the door and come in.

Player have the only countermeasure called "vision jack", and if you use it, you will become the enemy's eyes only for a few seconds and you will know where the enemy is walking.
Although it can be used only once in the initial state, you can increase the number of times by taking a drink.

If you clear the conditions and escape you can get a coin, you can use that coin to unlock the level, mode, enemy character's lock and increase it.
At the beginning you can select only 5 levels, 1 mode, 1 enemy character.
UNITY Official Character "Unity-chan" will also appear in enemy characters.

【About game operation】
You can move "front and back, left and right" with your left hand and "body and vision rotation" with your right hand.
There is a key display on the left hand, but there is no key display on the right hand, so you can rotate as you just touch on the screen.
Until you get used to it, I think that you should try practicing at the lowest level at first.
"Vision Jack" can be activated by tapping the eye button on the upper right.
To pick up falling money and drinks, rescue survivors, set up bombs, and tighten the door, tap that place on the screen as you approach.

【About sound】
Since the enemy character is wandering while talking, a voice is heard as coming closer.
I think that you can enjoy more games as earphones will hear from approaching direction.

[Supported terminals]
It is compatible with Android 6.0 or later.
However, since it is a 3D game, movement at poor spec terminals may be bad.

Instead of installing a billing system, we display advertisements at a fixed timing.

If there are misprints or malfunctions, please inform us in detail by "mail" what kind of mistake "," model name "," contents of trouble "," what happens at what time "etc.
Even if it is described in the review, I can not respond because I do not understand the details, so thank you.
Also, since it is a personal production application, there are cases where it is difficult to make a lot of requests and quick correspondence.

I am tweeting a little things about playing, such as operation method, hints, back story.
I am also accepting doubts and questions!

What's new

2018.11.24 The player's walking sound was added, Added sound effect when attacked by enemies, etc.
2018.11.09 Improved processing, Reduced capacity, Adjust difficulty level, etc.
2018.10.03 Adjust difficulty level, etc.
2018.05.15 Implemented map confirmation, etc.
2018.05.09 Adjusted level, Adjusted map, etc.
2018.05.06 Implemented language selection (Japanese / English)
2018.05.01 Release


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